Audio System Design

WFM Staff · January 05, 2017
With curiosity piqued by the sound quality at the University of Iowa's Kinnick Stadium, Wildwood Church redesigns their sound reinforcement.

WFM Staff · November 18, 2016
A new technology called array processing defines every seat as the best seat in the house. Learn how Morris maximized an immersive service experience for every congregant.

Jim Kumorek · October 11, 2016
Why your sound system issues may not be sound system issues, after all.

By Mike Sokol · September 14, 2016
Identify common sound system noises, like buzz and hum, and the - often simple - corrections to eliminate them.

Jim Kumorek · August 25, 2016
Worship Facilities approached some of the leading digital audio mixer manufacturers for their recommendations to churches.

Jim Kumorek · August 16, 2016
Installing certain technology into your facility respects your volunteer's time, can makes your facility easier to maintain, and will open up creative new ways to use your facility.

By Curt Taipale · July 22, 2016
In the majority of churches, the simple answer is most likely, "not there."

WFM Staff · May 09, 2016
A challenge this growing church faces weekly, is the changing location of available space to worship. The church's audio needs call for systems nimble enough to transport and perform.

May 05, 2016
When designing an audio system within a worship venue, the location of your sound booth is vital. Poor set up can devalue your investment of audio gear. Not only are clean lines of sight needed to the stage, but optimizing

WFM Staff · April 26, 2016
The 1940's church maintains a very contemporary worship style in a compact space that's big on energy and spirit.

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