By Bryan Gowing · February 03, 2017
Do it right the first time and avoid the "inventive" systems cobbled together by well-meaning folks.

WFM Staff · November 22, 2016
There is immense power in live video streaming. Over the past several years, an increasing amount of churches have started to stream their services, weddings, funerals and youth events.

Jim Kumorek · August 25, 2016
Worship Facilities approached some of the leading digital audio mixer manufacturers for their recommendations to churches.

By Gary Zandstra · August 19, 2016
Test Those Cables On A Regular Basis. A hard-earned lesson from the field. When things go wrong, be sure to check the "simple" things first.

WFM Staff · June 30, 2016
Little Rock’s St. James United Methodist Church upgrades with user-friendly systems around Pema series digital matrix processors and network amplifiers.

Colby May · June 30, 2016
Worship Facilities takes a look at energy usage by products that can be plugged into an AC outlet that adds up to around 20 percent of building electrical use.

WFM Staff · March 08, 2016
QLX-D Digital Wireless System delivers outstanding digital wireless sound for mid-size events and installations, including houses of worship, academic institutions and more. Setting QLX-D apart is its spectrum efficiency and signal stability, allowing users to operate more channels on-air than any other wireless system in its class.

Alison Istnick · February 01, 2016
Both a Church and AVL designers combine their resources and skills to bring modern technology into the far reaches of African civilization.

By Gary Zandstra · January 29, 2016
What it takes to turn a tough situation in to a win.

By Gary Zandstra · January 19, 2016
Just what is the real art and science of great audio? The author narrows the discussion down to a one-word solution.

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