Gary Zandstra · March 14, 2017
Having a well-kept, nice facility is just expected. Also having the proper technology to carry out your ministry is a total must...

Gary Zandstra · February 28, 2017
It is easy and desirous for some to grab on to the simple thought, "all that is needed for church growth is a new or bigger building."

Mark MacDonald · February 28, 2017
With churches in decline or stagnation, we need to go back to foundational reasons for faltering church attendance.

Mark MacDonald · January 26, 2017
About 4000 churches close their doors annually and 80 percent have stalled in ministry or are suffering from decline, while many are blissfully moving forward and not preparing for an emergency.

Jeremy Mika · July 21, 2016
When church attendance begins to slide in the summer months, what can be done to help churchgoers stay connected to Christ? It starts with focus from ministry leaders. If the church prayerfully plans to be an effective ambassador of Christ in the summer, I believe that God will honor that. Let’s use the summer to reinvigorate the church rather than letting it slide into mediocrity.

Deborah Ike · June 09, 2016
One of the opportunities of leadership is being able to take a step back and see the big picture. But how you interact with those on the front lines can either be a hindrance, or a leverage to ministry.

Jim Tomberlin · July 30, 2015
Churches can multiply themselves into the next community while continuing to serve their current one. This is one of the most compelling reasons for churches to consider multisiting.

WFM Staff · October 29, 2014
ChurchNumbers works great by itself and with church management software. It gives you meaningful access to aggregate data that, until now, has required a lot of manual effort to prepare church management software simply isn't built for. Tired of Monday morning number crunching? Check out