Assisted Listening

Alison S. Istnick · February 12, 2018
Announcing the release of KOS 3, a major upgrade to its operating system. KOS 3 introduces new features that provide user benefits and an improved workflow when working with the KLANG 3D in-ear mixing system.

WFM Staff · June 09, 2017
One simple system that does it all.

WFM Staff · March 24, 2017
Build an inclusive congregation by serving the hard of hearing.

WFM Staff · December 06, 2016
Updated ListenWiFi provides more coverage and flexibility; delivers personalized audio in crowded church and video environments.

WFM Staff · June 08, 2016
The MS-100 is a professional grade low power FM transmitter operating in the commercial FM band (88.1 - 107.5 MHz). It is certified under both FCC part 15 and Industry Canada BETS-1 for license free operation in the USA and Canada. It is perfect for assistive listening and simultaneous translation.

Martin Sinderman · January 19, 2016
As our population of hearing impaired men and women continues to grow, providing assistive listening devices at church is essential.

By Maile Keone · October 30, 2015
Assisted listening devices enable worship leaders to reach the hearing impaired members of their church.

WFM Staff · June 30, 2015
Audio specialist Sennheiser debuted its new MobileConnect streaming solution in the United States at a recent performance of Cirque de Soleil's spectacle production La Nouba, held in Downtown Disney during InfoComm 2015. During the event, 50 top A/V consultants were hosted by Sennheiser for an exclusive social gathering, followed by a demonstration of MobileConnect in the ultimate performance environment: a Cirque de Soleil stage.