Architectural Design

By Dave Milam · May 08, 2018
You won't see the typical trendy, fly-by-night fads that you often see in lists like these. Instead, you'll see an enduring change that will shape the foundation of church building design.

WFM Staff · June 19, 2017
Architectural and engineering company experienced working with churches for more then 50 years. At WFX REACH 2017; listen as they describe their Discernment Package.

Alison Istnick · November 17, 2016
The WFX Network Solomons celebrate sanctuary designs that bring to the forefront unique styles of architecture, with the idea of the room becoming a sacred space where worshipers can gather.

By Aubrey Garrison lll · July 06, 2016
Church and its buildings have certainly changed, so why hasn't the church design process?

May 09, 2016
When considering a church building project or renovation, the process – starting with a vision and making it a reality - is critical to its success! Our success is not only the building, it’s how we get you there!

WFM Staff · November 03, 2015
Worship Facilities presents six Solomon Award nominees that take traditional to a new level of exceptional.

Alison Istnick · October 27, 2015
Ranging from striking lines of steel to rustic sophistication, these grand doorways speak volumes to the people that will enter through them.

September 30, 2015

By Rachel Dawn Hayes · July 20, 2015
Colored carpet pathways, bold campus signage—both inside and out, a newcomer-oriented website and an abundance of glass walls, are just a few of the ways Preston Trails Community Church is helping people—not familiar with churches, feel expected and accepted.

Martin Sinderman · January 23, 2015
Architectural lighting tranforms First Congregational Church (FCC) of Los Angeles.