Deborah Ike · April 10, 2017
Facility construction isn’t an inexpensive endeavor. Here are strategies to prepare a church to embark on the journey.

Deborah Ike · December 15, 2016
Once the Christmas services are over and the decorations are put back into storage, it’s time to prepare for a new year.

By John McNutt · August 02, 2016
The tragic shooting, several years ago, at Sandy Hook prompted the federal government to release three safety guidebooks for K-12 schools, college campuses and houses of worship. Churches can benefit from reviewing these protocols for your church.

M Wagner · June 03, 2016
This workshop will cover physical accessibility as well as accessibility awareness and attitude. This is an overview of the ways in which your congregation can become more disability-friendly to a wide range of disabilities (mobility, sensory, intellectual and neurological).

Deborah Ike · May 09, 2016
Running a church financially requires savvy—developing a higher level-of-understanding in these areas will help you lead, better.

Deborah Ike · March 31, 2016
As churches conduct more banking transactions online, more than ever we need to be aware of the potential vulnerability of our church’s financial data and accounts.

WFM Staff · March 17, 2016
Ministry Brands’ acquires part of larger strategy to serve churches with streamlined comprehensive technology.

Deborah Ike · January 27, 2016
These simple tips can produce great results with a stronger, more mature team.

Colby May · January 12, 2016
Evangelical Leaders Respond to NAE’s Call to Creation Care.

By Eddy Hall, Ray Bowman and J. Skipp Machmer · April 06, 2015
Why has having too many programs become the rule rather than the exception? Smart ways to maximize your money, space, time and people to multiply ministry impact.