Gary Zandstra · April 17, 2018
Both form and function need to be equal partners - often at great tension with each other- that need to be brought together harmoniously to create great design.

WFM Staff · March 23, 2018
Although Free Chapel is a multi-site mega-church with weekly attendance approaching 12,000, it's still got the neighborly feel of a much smaller church.

By Mike Sessler · September 05, 2017
What does it cost to install incorrect audio and build without acoustical design considerations in your worship center? Not only monetarily to fix the issues, but the cost of frustration, too. Learn from the author, who's mission in life seems to be helping churches undo the bad tech decisions they’ve made.

WFM Staff · January 24, 2017
A rectangular shaped sanctuary with concrete walls and metal-skinned roof presented significant acoustical challenges. Learn how this North Carolina church ditched their band-aid approach and remade their audio video systems.

Jim Kumorek · October 11, 2016
Why your sound system issues may not be sound system issues, after all.

WFM Staff · June 14, 2016
Dallas-based design firm Idibri adds QX564i loudspeakers in LCR configuration to new sanctuary in Alexandria, Louisiana.

WFM Staff · June 08, 2016

WFM Staff · December 22, 2015
Fine-tune your space with Transform Motorized Acoustical Banners. Transform is the perfect solution for adding variable acoustics to a worship space or auditorium. Transform Banners improve the listening experience for your audience and controls the levels of sound absorption and reflections in your space.

WFM Staff · December 17, 2015
Transcend Active Acoustic System transforms your space into a multi-purpose venue improving the listening experience. The most state-of-the-art active acoustic technology available, Transcend has multiple pre-set environments with less hardware and less chance for feedback. Transcend is a more stable, simpler and reliable system the includes automatic voice detection capablity.

WFM Staff · December 04, 2015
The D SERIES is LAB.GRUPPEN's integration superpower, the most advanced install-dedicated amplifier platform to date. The D SERIES provides 'true open interoperability', integrating with the widest range of digital audio and control protocols, bringing powerful benefits and unique capabilities to any demanding high-performance and quality installation.