Acoustical Solutions

WFM Staff · February 09, 2018
Seeking to update its services to retain and attract the next generation, Missionary First Church found a solution that would allow its 600-seat sanctuary to transform at the touch of a button between traditional and contemporary service styles.

By Pat Brown · August 10, 2017
A balance must be struck between efforts to make a room beautiful and efforts to make it sound good

WFM Staff · February 08, 2017
Easily assembled, lightweight and movable, the shell’s towers and ceiling panels fit together to create an acoustically sound enclosure for any worship space.

WFM Staff · July 14, 2016
With a sanctuary of glass walls, this church's challenge was to improve intelligibility while maintaining a low profile.

WFM Staff · January 14, 2016
Daniel Beard, Media Director, Clements Baptist discusses the design project at his church.

By Steven Durr & Matt Schlachter · November 06, 2015
How to manage overpowering bass response, poor coverage, and a lack of sound consistency with proper acoustic design.

WFM Staff · March 30, 2015
With its new steerable Meyer Sound CAL column array loudspeakers, Trinity Lutheran Church in Spring, Tex. has discovered a whole new level of speech and music clarity never heard before in its highly reverberant 1,400-seat sanctuary.

WFM Staff · March 02, 2015
Canterbury Church wanted to maintain its clean looking aesthetics in their worship space. Here's how a sanctuary with high reverberation accomplished intelligibility without cluttering the pristine look.