Social Media

Mark MacDonald · January 18, 2017
The informative posts are everywhere, with almost 200,000 published every DAY. Should a church try to break into this craziness?

Mark MacDonald · January 12, 2017
I've engaged with hundreds of churches who are attempting to communicate for busy ministries. All too often - I hear lies or gullible misconceptions.

Mark MacDonald · January 05, 2017
You can have a great church website. There are 5 simple rules you must follow.

Mark MacDonald · December 20, 2016
Church needs to be a great conversation. Every time someone attends a service, reads a tweet, browses your website, or looks at your bulletin.

Mark MacDonald · October 26, 2016
Jesus shared the parable of the wise and foolish builders (Matthew and Luke) because we need to weigh the cost of what we’re building and start with the proper foundation.

By Phil Bowdle · October 26, 2016
How does a church communications team partner with ministries instead of just playing the role of service department? It starts by asking the right questions.

WFM Staff · October 20, 2016
In a world where communication channels are rapidly evolving, our strategies need to be constantly developed.

By Chris Martin · October 18, 2016
Platform building can become a vanity game. However, the Millennial Evangelical, Chris Martin shows how a ministry leader's brand can grow outwardly and honor God.

By Phil Cooke · September 29, 2016
It can happen with the best of intentions. You do a solid branding study, evaluate the results, hire a great designer, and love the finished logo. But once it goes live, any number of things can happen - and often do.

Mark MacDonald · September 29, 2016
After visiting many churches recently, I still see many bulletin boards with posters on them. Do they still belong in a functioning church communication hub?

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