Jim Kumorek · May 19, 2016
Perfect for the house of worship market and a great choice for production-oriented churches, today's LED fixtures offer a great value for the amount of features they provide.

M Wagner · April 13, 2016
What types of flooring are best for your church? Some tips and ideas to consider when choosing flooring for your church.

M Wagner · April 03, 2016
Choosing a good mic for your pastor will pay dividends in the future with crystal clear audio serving reliably week after week.

M Wagner · March 29, 2016
Selecting a strong wireless vocal microphone system will elevate your church band's sound and provide clear vocals with less feedback and interference.

Andres Caamano · March 17, 2016
While in many contemporary churches pastors are using a wireless headset microphone, many houses of worship still opt for the tried and true podium style. Here's the latest on podium mics.

M Wagner · March 02, 2016
Encourage engagement by making the jump to a Mobile Experience for your church.

M Wagner · February 17, 2016
Better communication amongst team members will create a smoother production or function, letting team members focus more on the tasks at hand for any church service or event.

M Wagner · February 08, 2016
These installation projectors combine performance and technology into an affordable package for your church.

Andres Caamano · January 25, 2016
If you're speaker shopping, viewing line array options is a good place to start. Here are eight manufacturers each showcasing their two-way line array model.

Alison Istnick · December 07, 2015
To combat falling attendance an overhaul was done of an existing facility. FBCG created a space that encourages a deeper connection among church attendees and offers a welcoming haven for the community.

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