Scenic Design

M Wagner · February 16, 2017
Is it time to update your church's sign? Here are available options for modern church signs.

M Wagner · December 20, 2016
Should your church invest in a drum enclosure? Drum enclosures are a simple way to solve drum volume issues, and are a necessity for mixing audio in smaller venues.

M Wagner · November 03, 2016
A look at some awe-inspiring church staging and set ideas that prove creative designs don't require lots of money.

By Tony Staires · September 20, 2016
Similar to a Broadway show or a music tour, worship stage design can help tell the story or set the tone of what you are trying to communicate within your worship space.

M Wagner · July 28, 2016
Looking to renovate your sanctuary? Maybe you're just looking do a new stage setup? Look through these sanctuaries and see what would fit your church!

Lisa Masteller · May 03, 2016
If you haven't had the pleasure, let me introduce you to the colors of the year: Rose Quartz and Serenity. Yes, I did say colors.

By Cathy Hutchison · April 04, 2016
Children’s spaces are special in that they are highly creative. Those designs are most effective when they are tailored to the unique needs and mission of the church.

WFM Staff · January 11, 2016
One church gives its sanctuary a more open, clean and modern look by adding new scenic, architectural elements as well as new lighting positions and control system.

September 24, 2015

By Mike Edwards · September 24, 2015
Understanding some basic principles about set design can help you to do some amazing things.

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