September 20, 2016
Over 400 church tech leaders share their challenges and experiences to bring to you our state of the church tech director report.

September 14, 2016
In This Issue: 6 | Leadership | Catalyst 8 | Leadership | Administration 12 | Facilities Management 14 | Design | Digital Signage 18 | Features | Brand-New Beginning In An Old Building 26 | Cover Story | Capturing A Spirit of Worship at Bethel World Outreach Church 32 | Special Tech Director Section | As A Church Leader, Certain

September 14, 2016
In This Issue: 8 | Leadership | Catalyst 10 | Leadership | Administration 14 | Facilities Management 16 | Features | Worship Facilities Focus On Security 20 | Features | Uniqueness and Unity 26 | Cover Story | Let There Be Color 30 | Worship Technology 32 | Pastor’s Guide 35 | Gear’d for Worship 36 | Communications 40 | WFX Network

September 09, 2016
In 2015, 3,000 houses of worship in 57 countries used Livestream to broadcast 121,026 services, ceremonies, and meetings.

August 17, 2016
Lake Hills Church in Austin reinvents their existing worship center to create a visually and audibly articulate space designed to serve.

July 18, 2016
With projection being a staple of today's worship experience, Worship Facilities and Worship Tech Director outline the facts on why laser projection might be just what your church needs.​

June 27, 2016
Redefining a Sanctuary Creating a new multipurpose worship center for multi-generational needs. An Insider’s Guide to Play Structures The questions a church needs to ask when planning to install a play area. Salt and Light Among Church Facilities A

June 01, 2016
An Outpost in the City A barren concrete youth institution is claimed and revitalized to serve its urban neighbors. Building a Story An abandoned theme part was home to this unique ministry until they created a permanent home in reclaimed

Jim Wagner · May 31, 2016
WFX REACH Conference session powerpoint slides from Raleigh and San Antonio event held May 2016.

May 09, 2016
When considering a church building project or renovation, the process – starting with a vision and making it a reality - is critical to its success! Our success is not only the building, it’s how we get you there!

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