WFM Staff · July 10, 2017
First PTZ Camera with PoE and AV over IP Technology

WFM Staff · June 26, 2017
When Elation Professional launched the Fuze series at last year’s PLASA show, the company filled a niche in the market for dynamic LED wash luminaires with a line of modern PAR lights that project a high-quality flat field of

WFM Staff · June 14, 2017
With the market converging lighting and video Elation responds with a partnership to offer more powerful and flexible solutions.

WFM Staff · June 09, 2017
One simple system that does it all.

WFM Staff · June 06, 2017
Audio Anchor to host live demonstrations of Bigfoot and Beacon A/R systems at InfoComm 2017.

WFM Staff · May 22, 2017
Elation Professional is pleased to offer the new IP65-rated Paladin, a highly versatile hybrid LED luminaire that functions as a brilliantly bright blinder, powerful strobe and high-output wash light, well-suited for today's church.

WFM Staff · May 12, 2017
For decades, houses of worship have relied on Canon’s wide range of advanced imaging products to help engage and inspire their audiences. From advanced still cameras, to the traditional look of video camcorders and broadcast lenses, to the enhanced creativity available with cinema lenses and cameras that offer a shallow depth-of-field, we are prepared to work with your team to discover the right solutions. Canon’s commitment is further strengthened by the peace of mind offered by our award winning 100% U.S.-based professional Service & Support. Whether you are designing a new facility or upgrading multiple campuses, speak with a Canon HOW specialist to explore how our wide range of high-quality imaging products can help your team across an extensive range of applications from field work and documentaries, to studio and broadcasting. For more information visit Canon’s website at:

WFM Staff · April 13, 2017
Designed for all day wearing comfort that is lightweight, comfortable and offers earphone modularity.

WFM Staff · March 24, 2017
Build an inclusive congregation by serving the hard of hearing.

WFM Staff · March 23, 2017
A mobile, two-way communication system makes it easy for groups of two or more people to listen and talk with the push of a button.