WFM Staff · March 24, 2014
Media is here to help enhance message, not become the message

WFM Staff · March 04, 2014
What is the gathering church for?

WFM Staff · January 02, 2014
Part 2 of 2: The evidence is mounting; young adults are leaving the church and the United States is quickly becoming a post-Christian culture. How do these trends impact church strategy and execution?

WFM Staff · August 28, 2013
Touching on everyday life to help see beyond

WFM Staff · July 31, 2013
Inside a new model to reach a broader range of the population

By Deidra Blackmore · May 17, 2013
Meet Rachael Daniels Rowland

By Deidra Blackmore · December 03, 2012
Virginia woman runs 15 marathons in 15 days to raise money for the homeless.

By Deidra Blackmore · May 24, 2011
Redeemed Girl Ministries partners with collegiate ministries, high school ministries, as well as women’s ministries from local churches.

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