WFM Staff · January 23, 2015
Dennis Choy shares his experience and knowledge from 20 years leading technical production and technical staff at North Coast Church an early pioneer of the multi-venue church.

Alison Istnick · January 01, 2015
America's fifth fastest growing church is located in New England and has a heart to minister to surrounding communities and to local pastors.

WFM Staff · December 09, 2014
Nathan Parr is Facilities Manager of First Baptist Church of Belton, TX.

WFM Staff · December 02, 2014
Greg Baker, Global Tech Director at Saddleback Church, shares his experience and insights about tech direction for multi-site.

WFM Staff · November 25, 2014
Nathan Wells, Campus Tech Director, and Daniel Scotti, Production Tech Director at Saddleback Church share some of their insights with us.

November 14, 2014
The message, "So, Now What?" details how to go about implementing what you've learned. Whitney George shares his thoughts on how to take what's in your notebook and apply it to your weekend services.

October 30, 2014
View Ed Stetzer's keynote presentation, Engaging God's People in Mission. Many would agree that too many churches are filled with passive spectators, rather than active participants, in the mission of God. So, how can churches raise up a greater participation of people in mission? Ed Stetzer looks to the scripture text and to recent research to talk about how-- and why it matters.

October 23, 2014
Video presentation by author, church pastor and ministry president Miles McPherson, who speaks candidly on "Mobilizing Your Congregation to Serve Your Community."

WFM Staff · October 13, 2014
Join Pastor Larry Osborne as he explains the three keys to breakthrough moments and the counterintuitive reasons that some teams win and most teams don’t.

WFM Staff · September 19, 2014
Senior Director of Technology and Technical Arts at Gateway Church, a ministry that is comprised of more than 23,000 active members.