M Wagner · September 21, 2016
Designed to educate beginner thru advanced in videotape techniques to capture live events.

Rachel Dawn Hayes · September 01, 2016
Event organizers hope attendees will make meaningful connections with a new WFX App and a designated area at the EXPO named The Spark.

M Wagner · May 26, 2016
Benjamin Stewart, founder and executive pastor of Christian Life Center, shares ways in which to grow staff around you through purposeful leadership development.

M Wagner · May 06, 2016
Jesus used parables to teach his disciples, oftentimes stories are our strongest path to the truth. This session will delve into the different ways of adding visual storytelling to your worship, social media, and external communications.

M Wagner · May 01, 2016
Aimed at small- to medium-sized churches struggling to develop a team or process, this session will explore techniques and strategies for producing video content, creating graphics, and maintaining an online presence.

M Wagner · April 14, 2016
A WFX presentation that goes beyond the nuts and bolts of church communication media -- social media, website content, print and digital materials, etc. -- and explores the personality and emotional intelligence required for successful, effective communications.

M Wagner · April 07, 2016
Through creative cross-training of pastors, worship leaders, and technical directors, you can communicate efficiently, speak one another’s worship language, manage money and resources better, and understand the heart of your ministry counterparts.

M Wagner · March 31, 2016
Understand energy management and energy audits, be able to benchmark utilities, realize importance of preventative maintenance and garner behavior change ideas for HVAC, lighting, controls and more.

M Wagner · March 31, 2016
Dennis Choy, communications and production pastor at North Coast Church.

M Wagner · March 24, 2016
A session featuring an interactive discussion about the development of a 20 year capital and maintenance plan (and the forms used) to protect your equipment.