M Wagner · March 31, 2016
Understand energy management and energy audits, be able to benchmark utilities, realize importance of preventative maintenance and garner behavior change ideas for HVAC, lighting, controls and more.

M Wagner · March 31, 2016
Dennis Choy, communications and production pastor at North Coast Church.

M Wagner · March 24, 2016
A session featuring an interactive discussion about the development of a 20 year capital and maintenance plan (and the forms used) to protect your equipment.

M Wagner · March 21, 2016
As the trend for satellite locations grows, so have available solutions. Whitt explores the risks and rewards when “going portable” is your mission.

WFM Staff · March 18, 2016
Ron Lowe, project manager of Stellar and Kyle Reese, pastor of Hendricks Baptist Church help churches be better prepared for the unthinkable.

M Wagner · March 11, 2016
Discover the core characteristics that make your church unique, and walk away with a blueprint that will help you communicate your brand effectively to all who come into contact with your church.

M Wagner · March 08, 2016
Chris New, studio communications director, Lutheran Church of Hope, talks about storytelling and using video to communicate your message. Chris shared a summary about utilizing video to tell a variety of story types. Plus tips on providing extra details on

Deborah Ike · February 24, 2016
Regardless of your spiritual maturity, you can’t walk this road alone and continue to thrive.

M Wagner · January 21, 2016
Greg Kayne, media arts director, Bethel Christian Fellowship shares on the topic of Spiritually Sound: A Worship Leader’s Guide to a Technician’s Heart Greg talks about the offenses and conflicts that can creep up between tech staff, leaders,

M Wagner · January 14, 2016
Leaders have many roles and people to manage. Here are tips to getting work done, effectively.

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