WFM Staff · October 13, 2017
DPA Microphones brings its wide range of product offerings to both CCI Solutions' booth (1419) and Omega Broadcast Group's booth (322) at WFX 2017.

WFM Staff · October 11, 2017
Event at Center Staging gives LA’s production community a close-up look at company’s latest offering.

WFM Staff · September 11, 2017
Competitively priced passive ribbon design is ideal for both studio and live applications

Jim Kumorek · August 31, 2017
With RF frequency changes on the horizon, it’s certainly not too early to begin planning and budgeting for replacement or re-tuning (where applicable) of your wireless systems at church.

By Karl Winkler · May 04, 2017
The Mt. Vesuvius effect relates to impending changes regarding usage of the RF spectrum. Changes that will affect wireless transmission, including wireless mics worn by vocalists and pastors. Here's what you need to know.

Jim Kumorek · February 22, 2017
Wireless microphones are found in most churches. Over the last decade the FCC has repurposed some of the frequency spectrum. What does this mean for Houses of Worship?

By Matt Knisely · February 16, 2017
There are arguably three top players in the realm of editing software. Who is right for your church's video projects? Will you choose Apple, Avid or Adobe? Decisions, decisions.

By Tony Staires · January 31, 2017
Often a microphone is the first link, and perhaps the most important link, in the audio chain.

December 29, 2016
Guidance for Creating a Tech Booth Interior that will Match Your Church's Needs.

Jim Kumorek · October 27, 2016
Certain microphone situations can be susceptible to feedback. For those instances, here are the steps needed to take the ringing out of the mic.