Mark MacDonald · November 13, 2017
As we prepare to welcome guests to our church properties, an evaluation of their first point of entry - the parking lot - is worthy of our time and consideration. Here are 4 ways to eliminate common barriers to parking lot etiquette.

Colby May · August 09, 2017
6 factors to consider when choosing an electric provider in a newly deregulated energy market.

Jim Kumorek · March 07, 2017
Last year a church contacted me about wanting to get an outside evaluation of their technical production systems and processes.

Jeremy Mika · March 02, 2017
According to the ECCU, churches spend 82 percent of their yearly fiscal budget on administrative and maintenance costs which include personnel, facility maintenance and administration.

Martin Sinderman · September 23, 2016
Energy consumption is the second-largest cost item in most organizational budgets, including those of churches. Here's why getting that energy audit scheduled will set you on a path of lowering costs now, and in the long run.

Jeremy Mika · August 19, 2016
Christian Community Church, better known as Yellow Box, uses intelligent ventilation to keep it's membership alert and engaged.

Andres Caamano · August 15, 2016
The story of an LED retrofit went from an idea of saving significant money, to making worship an immersive experience - one that brings what is happening onstage to the congregation with light and sound.

By ‚ÄčKevin Mahoney · June 23, 2016
Where there are loose cables, there shall be tape. Here are some solutions to managing your cables for a safe production.

By Scott Couchenour · February 04, 2016
Leaders can be ones who spark tremendous ideas, but where is leadership tested the most?

WFM Staff · January 14, 2016
What are Genesis 1 principles of stewardship in terms of energy efficiency? Employing biblical principals to reduce utility costs at church while maintaining excellence.