Lighting Console

Marian Sandberg · October 11, 2017
Front Porch Productions (booth 407) is showing High End Systems' latest bright white LED automated luminaires and Hog 4 control products.

WFM Staff · September 21, 2017
Preserving the original character of this area was critically important to the church’s leaders when they decided to modernize their lighting system.

WFM Staff · April 20, 2017
High impace visual effects are a natural pairing with youth ministry events. Some may even take you by surprise.

WFM Staff · December 27, 2016
Lighting flexibility allows a musical event to easily display multiple looks.

WFM Staff · September 14, 2016
Dynamic and richly textured stage presentation engages thousands of young people at a recent youth conference. Learn how they managed the interplay of lights and video presentation.

By Tim Ottley · September 07, 2016
Knowing your key lighting strategy will help them know what they are supposed to do with the lighting board in front of them.

WFM Staff · June 16, 2016
Local energy utility company offers significant rebate program and saves Pleasant Valley Baptist Church $45,000 on Chroma-Q Inspire fixtures.

WFM Staff · January 21, 2016
Introducing Elation’s New Generation Emulation Touch Lighting Controller which is now shipping.

WFM Staff · September 08, 2015
Read how a turn-key solution was created that provided Focus with an outstanding and cost effective lighting system.

WFM Staff · August 24, 2015
A major renovation of a building previously used as a manufacturing facility, the 1600-seat venue houses over 100 Elation fixtures and now has a higher calling as a state-of-the-art worship environment.