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WFM Staff · June 20, 2008
New design engineered to solve the most common installations problems and free up valuable time

WFM Staff · June 19, 2008
Add digital signage to the outside of each meeting room to guide your congregation to the gathering they are looking for.

WFM Staff · June 19, 2008
Table boxes provides access to power and Ethernet conectors

WFM Staff · June 19, 2008
Reflections on design, installation, maintenance and repairs

WFM Staff · June 18, 2008
The 1KS Slim Line LED Luminaire emits over 1,000 lumens of white light for replacing conventional incandescent, fluorescent (T-8s), or halogen light sources for general illumination.

By Jeff D. Szymanski · June 17, 2008
Failure to take acoustical issues into consideration when designing your smaller meeting rooms can result in unusable spaces. Learn some important tips on making sure your meeting rooms will meet the needs of your staff and congregation.

WFM Staff · June 17, 2008
New conference room multimedia projector sports 3,000+ lumens and a 2,000:1 contrast ratio

WFM Staff · June 16, 2008
Free catalog highlights Videx’s electronic replacements for standard lock cylinders

WFM Staff · June 16, 2008
Nearly $750,000 in Sustainable Materials and DuPont Funding Used In Rebuilding Greensburg, Kansas

WFM Staff · June 16, 2008
New ceiling tiles improves sound quality in rooms with drop ceilings