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By Carol Badaracco Padgett · May 01, 2007
The process of selecting an architect and builder, and then working successfully as a team, creates something deeper than just a building.

Martin Sinderman · May 01, 2007
Your sanctuary is where many of your congregation will spend the bulk of their time at church. What are the important factors to consider when working through the design of this important space?

WFM Staff · March 01, 2007
A hands-on design process may be just the ticket for new facility or renovation pre-planning.

WFM Staff · March 01, 2007
Tips for creating fun, yet safe, play areas for children on your church grounds.

By Carol Badaracco Padgett · March 01, 2007
Leading architects discuss the classic designs and the Latest Trends in how entryways and common spaces.

WFM Staff · March 01, 2007
Keystone has created an extraordinarily comfortable atmosphere, beckoning one to stay and linger over a cup of coffee with friends. And in addition to being comfortable, Keystone also is the first LEED-certified church facility, demonstrating their dedication to conservation.

Jim Kumorek · January 01, 2006
Pastors, church staff as well as companies that support churches met together in Nashville, Tennessee October 19-21 for the first WFX – Worship Facilities Conference and Expo event.

Martin Sinderman · October 01, 2005
Using temporary space for services requires careful planning and outfitting.

Jim Kumorek · October 01, 2005
Clearly, fire can devastate a church and seriously curtail its ministry efforts for months, if not years. Yet so many churches neglect to comply with government regulations intended to reduce risk of fire, or even to prepare an emergency response plan or train staff and volunteers to handle an emergency situation.

Alison Istnick · April 01, 2005
Willow Creek's $90+ million dollar expansion brings their seating capacity to 7,200.