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WFM Staff · June 03, 2008
Paradigm lighting control system being new ease-of-use and power to architectural dimming

WFM Staff · June 03, 2008
New Lutron website provides guide for consumers to make informed decisions

Alison Istnick · May 02, 2008
Situated on a gently sloping hillside in Corona, California, Crossroads Christian Church is a model of destination architecture where “circles of light” are both an abundant visual and a way of ministry.

Martin Sinderman · May 01, 2008
A coastal North Carolina church funds its expansion throught-shirt and coffee-cup sales—along with maybe some divine intervention.

By Carol Badaracco Padgett · May 01, 2008
A bit reminiscent of the recent raging race for the Democratic presidential candidacy nomination, industry experts have historically carried pointed views on the type of building method that makes the most sense for today’s houses of worship.

By Kent Morris · May 01, 2008
Information Technology is the central nervous system of the connected church

Dawn Allcot · March 01, 2008
“The two best ways to get people together in a large group are sports and music,” says Brad Ogden, Sports Ministry Director at Connection Pointe Christian Church of Brownsburg, Indiana.

Martin Sinderman · March 01, 2008
Are you looking for a loan to bridge the gap between your capital campaign and that new sanctuary you need for your growing congregation?

Martin Sinderman · March 01, 2008
Consider renovating an existing building when it’s time to plant, expand, or simply move your church to a location you want to make your own.The benefits are there. You could well save some money by recycling an existing structure instead of building a new one.

WFM Staff · March 01, 2008
How can a church without a pastor reach out and change its community? And why is this particular church meeting in a nightclub? The answer to both questions is creativity and vision.