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WFM Staff · July 30, 2008
AGATI catalog features numerous church applications, environmentally friendly ink and online option saves paper.

WFM Staff · July 29, 2008
This program, in its third year, recognizes outstanding achievements in church facilities and audio visual projects.

WFM Staff · July 26, 2008
EtherShield allows smaller companies to limit employee web surfing on company time; Appliance also useful for schools, churches and libraries with 10-200 users.

WFM Staff · July 24, 2008
Company offers new lighting designers a free trip to WFX Show in Houston.

WFM Staff · July 21, 2008
Huge pipe organ and tons of reflectivity were a challenge to old PA which was sending sound to all the wrong surfaces.

WFM Staff · July 19, 2008
Keynote presentations from Joel Osteen, Dave Ferguson and the nation's top Technical Directors planned for WFX Houston in early November.

By Ron Kastens · July 18, 2008
Over the last several years our church has been involved in a search for a permanent home. We currently gather in leased facilities that are no longer meeting our needs. Needless to say, the last several years have been very educational for me. The following are some things I have learned throughout this process of acquiring property and preparing to build.

By Carol Badaracco Padgett · July 16, 2008
In our second part look at the topic of Design Build vs. Design Bid Build construction methodologies and what makes the most sense for churches today, Worship Facilities Magazine explores new territory in an effort to better prepare church leaders for both alternative and future options.

WFM Staff · July 15, 2008
Shure Set to Lend Continued Assistance in Formulation of Test Parameters and Protocol

WFM Staff · July 15, 2008
Architectural Floor Systems (AFS) of Chicago becomes part of the Lyon, France-headquartered company