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WFM Staff · June 11, 2009
Audio and HD video recordings of nearly all 55+ conference sessions and keynotes

WFM Staff · June 09, 2009
Executive Vice President Mike Murphy is named president of rigging design and manufacturing company.

WFM Staff · June 08, 2009
Unique internet communications device proves functional and economic benefits

WFM Staff · June 08, 2009
Reduce needed storage space for lamps by crushing over 1350 T8 four-foot lamps per 55-gallon drum

WFM Staff · June 01, 2009
Simple Church principles of clarity, movement, alignment and focus guiding pastors and ministry leaders in Chicagoland.

WFM Staff · June 01, 2009
Learn, network and exchange ideas to help facilities weather the economic storm October 7-9th

By Deidra Blackmore · May 29, 2009
Lightronics introduced an architectural lighting system designed to control house and stage lighting in a simple elegant package, using the same quality craftsmanship and attention to detail that has enabled Lightronics to be one of the premiere lighting control manufacturers in the country.

By Charles Praeger · May 29, 2009
Metal buildings are ideal for multipurpose use, are quick to construct, and offer environmental benefits for churches small, medium and large

Dawn Allcot · May 28, 2009
After making the decision to use video projection and digital signage in your church and looking at why you'll use it, deciding "what" and "where" will be easier.

WFM Staff · May 27, 2009
Custom-printed acoustic treaments with original art by Eric Waugh