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Martin Sinderman · May 05, 2009
Churches can benefit from due diligence and sound business-type practices to secure loans, communicate effectively with their congregations, and to make sure they’re protected in tough economic times

By Carolyn Heinze · May 04, 2009
Proper building design, professional consultation, insulation and acoustic materials are the ingredients necessary for a great-sounding worship environment

WFM Staff · May 01, 2009
Truss manufacturer Milos Structural Systems’ new facility located north of Richmond

WFM Staff · May 01, 2009
Storage units, lockers, pick-a-book stands and classroom tables look like wood but tough like laminate

WFM Staff · April 29, 2009
John Ortberg, Larry Osborne and Dave Gibbons to share insight and experiences in keynote sessions

WFM Staff · April 29, 2009
For ENG style 2/3-inch HD cameras and venues requiring longer focal length lenses

By Bailey Webb · April 29, 2009
Churches large and small can take positive steps to make their facilities more environmentally sustainable and to teach their congregations by example

WFM Staff · April 28, 2009
Free workshop for awards application assistance via WebEX May 5, 2009 at 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time

WFM Staff · April 28, 2009
GreenSpec approved, qualifies for LEED credits and dries hands in seconds

By Carol Badaracco Padgett · April 25, 2009
Small North Springs Alliance Church in Colorado Springs, Colo., makes a visible home on a tight site in the midst of its community