Green Building

Alison S. Istnick · February 15, 2018
Available in 4”, 5” and 6” apertures with deep-set optics for visual comfort these downlights are ideal for kitchen areas and bathrooms and are all compatible with Nora dedicated housings to meet energy rebate requirements.

M Wagner · January 16, 2018
Windows can serve a variety of purposes in churches. What purpose do yours serve?

WFM Staff · November 02, 2017
Knoxville-based architecture and design firm’s work on the Grace Baptist Church student ministry facility recognized by Worship Facilities Network with 2017 Solomon Award

M Wagner · September 28, 2016
In lieu of more traditional stained glass exteriors, churches are opting for the clean modern look of regular, clear glass.

Jeremy Mika · March 26, 2015
A unique "theater church plant" reflects on its transient beginnings as it settles into its new home.

Mark MacDonald · December 01, 2014
First we celebrate Thanksgiving, a day where we acknowledge our blessings with family and friends. Then… bam! We turn into desperate people seeking incredible savings. So can the church learn anything of value from Black Friday?!

Jim Kumorek · November 26, 2014
Directly from the show floor; get the latest in LED lighting, LED house lights and video walls.

WFM Staff · November 14, 2014
The one-hour live and in-person daylighting and LEED credits course is instructor-led and goes toward the areas of LEED AP Building Design.

October 13, 2014
To learn how to measure energy usage on Energy Star's free 1 -100 scale, where your church data is compared to the national average for worship facility energy use. To learn how to implement Energy Star's free strategic energy management tools, training and tech support to manage energy (and water) costs. To learn how to assess energy/dollar/greenhouse gas emissions savings accurately, accounting for "weather normalization" and to generate custom reports for church decision-makers and members. To learn how to distinguish your measured, verified achievements versus "good intentions" and earn the national Energy Star, or have your success story published and promoted nationally.

Alison Istnick · September 26, 2014
The Worship Facilities Solomon Awards recognizes churches and their partners for excellence in facilities design, building expansion or remodeling, operation excellence, innovative use, and technical production. 2014 winners will be announced on Wednesday, October 1, 2014.