Budgeting & Finance

WFM Staff · May 15, 2018
Whether you're a pastor of a church or a facilities manager, the congregation looks to you to protect their church. You work with the board and an insurance specialist to design an insurance program that helps reach that goal. However, most insurance policies covering your buildings and contents don’t provide coverage for damage by flooding. In fact, flood is specifically excluded in most insurance contracts. So, what do you do?

By Tim Lawrence · February 27, 2018
Managing risk in preparation for a church's loan approval takes savvy and careful planning.

By Michael Scott · October 12, 2017
To adequately prepare for the upgrade process, there are three key areas that you must invest your thought in: timing, communication, and research.

By Mark Brooks · December 29, 2015
The details of providing online giving to your church members.

By Mark Brooks · July 24, 2015
Americans have changed the way they do commerce; fewer people carry checks and often have little to no cash on them. So now, rather than the plate making it easier for members to give, it can actually be an obstacle for your church membership to be generous.

WFM Staff · March 06, 2015
There's more to cutting costs than staff, benefits and refinancing debt.

Jim Kumorek · January 27, 2015
Didn't make it to NAMM this year? Here's a series of audio components pushing the boundaries of sound at this year's event.

October 13, 2014
Identify your religious institution's borrowing capacity. Learn to develop a comprehensive plan for financing your land and buildings. Learn about common loan products and loan covenants for construction and term financing. Understand the loan approval process as well as current financing products.

WFM Staff · August 19, 2014
Every building, no matter how well built, will age over the years. In time your facility will eventually need repairs. Within every church, on a seemingly regular basis, equipment will break, things will leak, systems will need updating and items will need to be replaced. Are you prepared?

WFM Staff · May 30, 2014
When planning to construct a church, try looking around and check the properties that are available. You might be surprised at the savings and other benefits you may find.