Facility Management

WFM Staff · April 09, 2018
One can't escape an array of headlines that underscore our vulnerability to random acts of violence perpetrated against innocent people. One way to deal is with preparedness. Take this short quiz to see how your church rates on the topic of security.

By Christophor Periatt · April 09, 2018
Are you contemplating starting an armed security team at your house of worship? There are a lot of factors that will go into this decision, and you may even come to the realization that an armed team is not for your church.

WFM Staff · April 06, 2018
With the number one influencer of facility utility bills being attributed to heating and cooling costs, eSPACE has announced its development of COOLSPACE that seamlessly integrates with Network Thermostats to assist in cost control.

WFM Staff · April 04, 2018
Adding functionality and style to your house of worship facility, art glass pendant lights can easily be adjusted to accommodate your specific lighting application needs.

Colby May · April 03, 2018
Switching lights on and off is a big part of our daily life and as such we need to consider the importance of making smart decisions with lighting.

Deborah Ike · March 27, 2018
The role and duties of today's church administrator are vast and challenging. Their substantial - yet often unrecognized contribution - provides the very foundation to unleash ministry.

Timothy J. Fancher · March 08, 2018
Issuing a security report need not be intimidating, with these best practices a church can properly document incidents in a factual report.

Deborah Ike · March 06, 2018
Whether you already have a ChMS and are considering making a switch or you’re starting from scratch, selecting a ChMS isn’t a small decision.

WFM Staff · February 27, 2018
When it comes to expense management, church leaders have to find a way to balance necessary finance logistics with responsibilities to their members.

By Gary Zandstra · February 20, 2018
What does your church smell like? Is it a pleasing aroma? Research shows that a visitor will be able to recall the scent from your service far longer than the look of the building.