October 31, 2017
How digital displays used in a house of worship can encourage a higher level of congregation participation.

By STEFAN SVARD · October 26, 2017
One valuable benefit for LED screens is that they offer a much higher visible contrast ratio, versus projecting onto a white screen, as is done with projection.

WFM Staff · October 09, 2017
The Acclaim Series has been designed to leverage the benefits of LCD and LED technology in an indoor, direct-view screen.

Marian Sandberg · October 09, 2017
FLEXTour is a high-definition and curveable 500x500mm LED video display, designed specifically for live and touring applications.

WFM Staff · October 09, 2017
The Plura PBM-4K series is a multi-format 4K/UHD-capable monitor series, suitable for UHD/4K, 3G broadcast systems, and other applications.

WFM Staff · October 04, 2017
Director of operations Kurt Foreman oversees the installation of a FLEXTour 3.9mm LED video system as a dynamic replacement for the sanctuary’s LCD video wall.

Keith Loria · July 20, 2017
One of the countries' largest churches connect a community together by using technology and multimedia.

By Dave Rodgers · June 20, 2017
Due to the complexity of the technical side of projection, terms need to be put into more layman-friendly terms. Here are some easier-to-understand explanations of Black-White Levels or Black-White Dynamic Range, Color and Contrast.

By Andres Caamano · June 14, 2017
Your church has decided to install a LED wall? The next hurdle is to figure out what manufacturer or model of LED wall will be the right fit for your worship space.

May 10, 2017