Case Study

Jim Kumorek · May 22, 2018
Acoustics will need to be dealt with in your facility. If you want to be a good steward of your church’s resources, don’t cut acoustics from your project—make it a priority.

Rachel Dawn Hayes · May 22, 2018
Open and contemporary are not adjectives typical of older church facilities. Learn how The Mill Church remodeled a cramped building into a welcoming and spacious community.

By Cathy Hutchison · May 22, 2018
Creating a place within church that's rich with opportunities for conversation, contemplation and relationship building. Three ministries share their insights on spaces designed for connection.

Alison S. Istnick · May 13, 2018
In a densely populated area with little available land, a once popular nightclub venue carries its vibe through its new life as Shoreline Church’s home.

WFM Staff · April 30, 2018
New Meyer Sound LEO® Family reinforcement systems are energizing and elevating the worship experience at three churches, two in northern Virginia and one in Washington State.

Deborah Ike · April 26, 2018
Having insurance protects your church financially, which in turn, protects the vision and ministry --- everything you set out to accomplish in the first place.

WFM Staff · April 19, 2018
Topping the list of "must haves" at Grace Point Church included coverage precision, intelligibility and easy rigging.

Jeremy Mika · April 17, 2018
Despite obstacles in the aftermath of hurricane Matthew, a North Carolina church incorporates a beautiful renovation.

By Cathy Hutchison · April 16, 2018
Four churches who are redefining hospitality through café space implement cafés that vary wildly based on mission and context.

Jim Kumorek · March 23, 2018
Four bad raps, and one good, about LEDs that are no longer true of today's LED lighting fixtures.