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Timothy J. Fancher · May 24, 2018
At first, the idea of scheduling your church security volunteers might seem straight forward, but there are extra considerations that may not be as apparent.

By Gary Zandstra · May 23, 2018
I have been in sound checks and rehearsals where the tension in the air was so tight that it was palpable.

Deborah Ike · May 15, 2018
If your church hasn’t formalized an annual budgeting process, here’s a simple method to help you get started.

Mark MacDonald · May 09, 2018
After decades of working in the church communication field, I love giving gifts to church communicators. But if I’m limited to only 3 gifts, what would they be?

By Dave Milam · May 08, 2018
You won't see the typical trendy, fly-by-night fads that you often see in lists like these. Instead, you'll see an enduring change that will shape the foundation of church building design.

By Adelle M. Banks · May 04, 2018
Pomeroy and his wife, Sherri, were interviewed briefly by National Day of Prayer Task Force President Ronnie Floyd in the Capitol’s Statuary Hall during his task force’s national observance of the annual prayer day.

Mark MacDonald · May 04, 2018
I’m fascinated how someone can attend two similar church services (maybe even with the same Pastor) and have the 30-minute sermon seem long and boring in one while the other can feel interesting and not enough time.

Martin Sinderman · April 30, 2018
Renting out your church facilities to outside groups for non-church related events and activities can be beneficial – if you follow some simple rules and avoid making these common mistakes.

Jim Kumorek · April 30, 2018
Clear, reliable communications are always important in a live event situation. Would an intercom system help your church produce better and less distracting services?

Deborah Ike · April 26, 2018
Having insurance protects your church financially, which in turn, protects the vision and ministry --- everything you set out to accomplish in the first place.