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2016 WFX REACH Conferences

WFX REACH conferences are 1.5, regionally oriented education and training events for churches.  REACH focuses on church design and construction, communications and media and tech arts.

Latest WFX REACH News & Information

Going Multi-Site? Consider This.
By WFM Staff · July 17, 2014 • Currently there are more multi-site churches in the U.S. than “mega-churches” and there are now over 3,200 churches worshiping in more than one location.  The multi-site strategy isn’t for every church, but it is growing in popularity,” says,. . .

7 Tips for Effective Social Media
By WFM Staff · July 17, 2014 • Social media is about building relationships and reputation. These tips will help you have a successful impact online.

How Does Leadership Intersect with Day to Day in Your Church?
By Jim Wagner · July 7, 2014 • If you work in a church you know that another Sunday is always come around the corner. But in your busy schedule, are we taking time to evaluate what, why and how we are leading?

WFX and Catalyst Partner to Serve Church
By WFM Staff · July 1, 2014 • FRAMINGHAM, MA – July 1, 2014 Worship Facilities Conference and Expo (WFX) announced partnership with Catalyst. Worship Facilities Conference and Expo (WFX) and Catalyst are excited to announce a partnership to expand the training and support provided to current and emerging leaders in. . .

Miles McPherson Opening Keynote Presenter at WFX 2014
By WFM Staff · June 5, 2014 • Worship Facilities Conference and Expo (WFX) announced Miles McPherson Will Deliver Opening Keynote Address at WFX 2014.

WFX Acquires Worship Facilities Magazine
By WFM Staff · January 6, 2014 • On January 1st, 2014 Worship Facilities Magazine was acquired by WFX, LLC of Framingham, MA from Production Media, Inc. of Raleigh, NC. WFX, LLC produces the Worship Facilities Conference and Expo (WFX), and is a joint-venture partnership between EH Publishing of Framingham, MA and Production Media, Inc. Worship Facilities Magazine was launched in 2005, in conjunction with the first WFX event. The publication (and related online media) targets senior leaders in larger churches with vital information about their second largest budgetary line item: facilities. The magazine covers facilities design, construction, finance, operation and maintenance. Worship Facilities Conference and Expo (WFX), which was also launched in 2005, is an annual event that presents education and ideas about the tools and technologies required to run a modern church ministry. WFX attracts teams of decisions makers from churches worldwide. Teams attending WFX include senior pastors, executive pastors, business administrators, facilities managers, technical directors, media ministers, worship leaders and related staff members.

Best Technology Execution of 2013
By WFM Staff · July 23, 2013 • Winners and nominees for 2013 Solomon Awards for Best Tech Contractor or Consultant, Best Technical Direction, Best Technical Production, and Best Design, Installation and Operation of an Audio, Video and LIghting System.

Arms Outstretched
By Jim Kumorek · December 6, 2012 • Community connection and urban renewal exemplified in 2012 WFX Solomon Award winning and contending projects

Circles of Light - A look inside a WFX Solomon Award-winning facility
By Alison Istnick · May 2, 2008 • Situated on a gently sloping hillside in Corona, California, Crossroads Christian Church is a model of destination architecture where “circles of light” are both an abundant visual and a way of ministry.

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