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2016 WFX REACH Conferences

WFX REACH conferences are 1.5, regionally oriented education and training events for churches.  REACH focuses on church design and construction, communications and media and tech arts.

Latest WFX REACH News & Information

WFX Connects People With New App and Spark Room
By Rachel Dawn Hayes · September 1, 2016 • Event organizers hope attendees will make meaningful connections with a new WFX App and a designated area at the EXPO named The Spark.

Storytelling: A Volunteer Recruiter’s Best Tackle
By Gregory Kane · August 25, 2016 • You need volunteers and you need them now. Learn to apply vision casting in storytelling to draw people into your ministry and mission.

Creating Community With A Church App
By Jason Arcega · August 19, 2016 • While technology in our church services continues to improve excellence in our outreach efforts, what may be a key to connecting with people is reaching them through their personal device.

Getting Your Ministry Unstuck With The Holy Spirit
By George Cladis · August 11, 2016 • Churches and ministries create deep ruts carved into their organizational terrain that, over time, make it difficult to escape.

The Live Sound Loudspeaker Demo Is Coming To Louisville This September
By WFM Staff · August 9, 2016 • In conjunction with the WFX show, the event provides the opportunity to evaluate more than two dozen loudspeaker systems.

Have You Submitted for the Solomon and New Product Awards?
By WFM Staff · August 8, 2016 • If your company has developed a new product for the church market or if you've completed a project for the church market, submit now for best pricing.

How to Become A Postive Team Player
By Jeffrey Scot Seabury · July 28, 2016 • Becoming a positive team player should always be one of the most important goals of a person who wants to impact the world for God.

WFX Leading Worship Arts: NPWI to be joined by Nikki Lerner & Others
By Rachel Dawn Hayes · July 27, 2016 • Regardless of the size of your church, the worship arts come with challenges. Some are specific to small churches, others to large, and still others are universal.

Church Facility: Location Does Matter
By Jim Tomberlin · July 22, 2016 • Locality and buildings have always played a role in the ministry of Jesus' Church.

WFX 2016 Keynotes to Focus on Creativity and Digital Innovation
By Rachel Dawn Hayes · July 11, 2016 • Filmmaker and author, Phil Cooke, will provide a not-to-be-missed keynote presentation at this year's WFX Louisville, Kentucky.

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