6 Creative Decor Ideas for Kids Ministry

Creative ideas for improving the look of your children's room.

Children’s ministry rooms offer almost unlimited creative potential: from brightly painted walls to intricately constructed scenery and play structures. A well-designed children’s room is key for keeping kids engaged during lessons, while also providing entertainment and activity space for recreational time. Interactive elements are key in these rooms, and the more tangible you can make your decor for children, the more they will engage with the room, and the theme or setting it may have.

Achieving a fun, interactive children’s room does not have to be expensive. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by adding color. Do you need chairs for your children? Or maybe you prefer giving them pillows or small carpets to sit on so they can circle up around a teacher? Buy these in as wide a variety of colors as you can! Have painted scenery in your children’s space? Adding even just a couple protruding 3D elements to the scene does wonders in giving the scenery a more impressive look, and will boost the kids’ imaginations.

Scroll through the following slides to see some examples of effective, interactive children’s ministry decor.

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