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By Gary Zandstra · January 17, 2017
I have been in sound checks and rehearsals where the tension in the air was so tight that it was palpable.

By Gary Zandstra · December 13, 2016
Traffic flow can greatly influence how a ministry functions. Here are four keys to developing a parking lot plan to ensure a safe, timely and engaging welcome.

By Gary Zandstra · November 22, 2016
Often in life it's the little things that can make the biggest difference. As we enter the season of higher church attendance, be sure these little things don't ruin the experience at your facility.

By Gary Zandstra · September 07, 2016
Nobody likes to talk about restrooms, but they are a very important statement about the church and the perceived quality of the ministry. Here are 5 steps to bathroom perfection.

By Gary Zandstra · March 30, 2016
Constructing or renovating a worship facility can and should be a joyful time. So, what are the right things to do which will help bring joy - or at least keep the peace - during a building project?

By Gary Zandstra · June 03, 2014
When we get a new system or new piece of gear, often the last thing on our minds is repairs or the life cycle of the system.

By Gary Zandstra · June 02, 2014
The benefit of keeping everything in its place and in working order

By Gary Zandstra · February 25, 2014
But a big problem rears it ugly head as volunteers will little or no training try to operate these highly technical systems.Here are ideas on ensuring the right knowledge and skillset.

By Gary Zandstra · February 12, 2014
Over the years I’ve worked with churches, the problems I find often have foundation in basic communication, organization and administrative skills -- or more precisely, the lack thereof.

By Gary Zandstra · January 08, 2014
In today’s economy it’s even more tempting to try to do things for yourself, which is great when you can save a few bucks and get the results you’re seeking. However, before starting, it’s important to be very certain that you’re fully capable of doing it right - no more so than with church A/V systems.