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By Gary Zandstra · December 22, 2016
The simple answer is nothing and everything.

By Gary Zandstra · November 15, 2016
In the pursuit of creating a worthy facility, what elements must come together to create a sacred space?

By Gary Zandstra · July 26, 2016
When preparing for a worship service and setting yourself up for success, the little things can make a big difference.

By Gary Zandstra · July 11, 2016
If you want to have a facility that inspires, then this could be the article to help make that happen.

By Gary Zandstra · February 22, 2016
Tech and talent combined can lead to an explosive situation. Learning what each side needs to bring to a production can help the whole team make beautiful music.

By Gary Zandstra · February 03, 2016
How is our attitude with those that we don't always agree with?

By Gary Zandstra · January 01, 2016
Bringing clarity to the three most popular methods of constructing a worship facility.

By Gary Zandstra · March 10, 2016
What is Sunday morning really like to your church visitors? How does your facility fit your ministry? Gary Zandstra walks through the process of seeing your facility experience with fresh eyes.

By Gary Zandstra · June 30, 2016
Get people on board, start the discussion early and have a plan.

By Gary Zandstra · January 29, 2016
What it takes to turn a tough situation in to a win.

By Gary Zandstra · November 24, 2014
Your congregation's perception of what is "too loud" during your services can be heavily influenced by quality of mix, sound system, acoustics and musical dynamics.

By Gary Zandstra · April 24, 2017
Hopefully your greeters are doing more than just being an obstacle to get around.

By Gary Zandstra · January 31, 2017
What does your church smell like? Is it a pleasing aroma? Research shows that a visitor will be able to recall the scent from your service far longer than the look of the building.

By Gary Zandstra · January 17, 2017
I have been in sound checks and rehearsals where the tension in the air was so tight that it was palpable.

By Gary Zandstra · December 13, 2016
Traffic flow can greatly influence how a ministry functions. Here are four keys to developing a parking lot plan to ensure a safe, timely and engaging welcome.