Securing Church Access with Smart Key Control

Securing Church Access with Smart Key Control

Raising the level of security on a church campus is a need that spans denomination and church size.

Protecting Access to Your Facility and Church Physical Asset Security

Nearly 20,000 members call Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California, their home church.

As are many houses of worship, Calvary Chapel was recently challenged with raising the level of security across their large campus.

One particular concern was keeping track of physical assets that helps the church minister to its congregation.

This included everything from sound equipment, furniture, desktop computers, athletic equipment,  to the supplies stored in cabinets.

John Jackson, Calvary Chapel facilities manager, says, "We needed an audit trail of when people were accessing areas and a way to control that access."
The problem was with the mechanical key system they had in place.

Often, missing keys were a concern and a significant amount of time and resources were spent re-keying. To add to this, their proximity card system was coming to its end-of-life.

To upgrade their current proximity hardware Calvary Chapel was facing costs of approximately $40,000. This amount did not even include their plans to expand to at least 600 additional doors.

Cyberlock offers Calvary Church a Solution

While researching available solutions, Calvary Chapel chose CyberLock because it was so cost-effective.

Calvary Chapel now has several hundred CyberLocks installed throughout their campus.

Jackson says, "CyberLock was so easy to implement and manage, even at the early stage, that the Church Board agreed to expand the system to other areas of the campus."

They continue to grow the system, buying 100 locks and keys at a time and installing them in new areas. "CyberLock has literally erased the threat of all those keys in circulation," says Jackson. With CyberLock,

Calvary Chapel can respond quickly when a key is lost, and no longer faces the expense of re-keying their facilities.

The audit trail from the locks and keys helps them investigate any unusual situations. Because each person's key is programmed with the permissions they need to do their job, they have tighter control of overall access. "We are very pleased with how CyberLock helps us manage the large amount of traffic through our buildings," affirms Jackson.

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