NorthRidge Church Streamlines Event, Work Order & Maintenance Tracking

NorthRidge Church Streamlines Event, Work Order & Maintenance Tracking

A cloud-based computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) was needed to manage the church's assets and keep operations management details centrally organized.

Today's churches aren't just busy on the weekends during service hours; they are community gathering places with meetings and events happening daily.

NorthRidge Church, a non-denominational ministry in Plymouth, Michigan, serves a congregation of more than 20,000 residents and hosts everything from summer camps to bible study groups to its annual Glory of Christmas concert, which draws 35,000 attendees.

Craig Miller, director of buildings, grounds and facilities for NorthRidge Church, is charged with maintaining operations of the ever-growing list of activities among the church's four locations, which even includes a disc golf course.

Based on an increasing number of tasks and a staff of more than 140, Miller recognized that a cloud-based computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) was needed to manage the church's assets and keep operations management details centrally organized.

NorthRidge Church supported his decision to implement Dude Solutions to help manage the church's maintenance, including simplifying the work order and preventive maintenance process.

"Our team is busy with requests and we are open seven days a week, so no one can possibly remember all of the day-to-day responsibilities that go into running our church," said Miller. "We cover 90 acres of ground, from the top of the roofs to the bottom of the basement areas, and that is just the main campus itself. We host weddings, funerals, conferences, so we are always on the go and we need to be able to resolve issues quickly."

After reviewing multiple systems, Miller’s selection would ensure that needed maintenance is properly prioritized and would also improve accountability with accurate work tracking.


"Our team was struggling to manage and prioritize the many verbal requests we receive—whether that be in the parking lot, hallway or via email," says Miller. "Now, work order requests from fixing HVAC to plumbing to lights—are easily routed, prioritized and ranked by project, location and budget."

As NorthRidge Church had never managed their maintenance and operations workload through a software system, ensuring the initial implementation got off to a good start was imperative.

With proper training and buy-in from the top down, Miller was able to get all of the staff onboard with the new technology. The team has responded very positively due to the system's ease of use and ability to quickly submit work order requests from anywhere, reducing emails, phone calls and casual hallway requests.

The system has organized NorthRidge Church's work order request process and ensured that information isn't stored based on an employee's tribal knowledge only.

Now, the church can collect data and share that information with new employees very easily. Previously, one to two individuals had important knowledge on preventive maintenance procedures, vendor lists and life safety guidelines.

Now, this important maintenance and operations information is securely stored for anyone at the church to review.


CMMS also provides NorthRidge Church more insight into what is happening at each location with better tracking and reporting.

  • Click and go reporting creates simple detailed reports to summarize work order status, costs and more.
  • Budgets, transactions and costs, among other key data, can be tracked, leading to better accountability for facilities and operations for each location.

Scheduling recurring maintenance and preventive maintenance tasks also has been simplified with an interactive calendar for assigning tasks based on individual workloads or skillsets, e.g., painting, plumbing. "We can identify problems and help reinforce preventive maintenance tasks that in the past have been overlooked," said Miller.


In addition, NorthRidge Church is using the CMMS’ event scheduling software to streamline every step of daily event planning, from the initial request to event preparation to invoicing. This year the church has hosted more than 13,000 events, which includes setting up tables and chairs in various configurations, which leads to higher maintenance and management costs.

"Dude Solutions' data helps us efficiently manage all of our events, track maintenance costs and identify when we need to hire additional staff to maintain and clean our various rooms on-site, so that they are ready for events," tells Miller. "Most importantly, we now have good data to drive good decisions. Being good stewards requires a good program to maintain our grounds, facilities and equipment."

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