Lawo Launches Online Academy for mc² Console Trainings

Lawo Launches Online Academy for mc² Console Trainings

The 3-4 hour course is focused on how to operate a Lawo mc²56 console, and is comprised of six chapters, with participants eligible to earn a certificate after passing an exam.

Lawo, the German manufacturer of pioneering audio, video and control solutions, has begun supplementing its Lawo Academy training programs, with a new online product training opportunity. The new Lawo Online Academy provides in its first course, a free Lawo mc² Audio Console Tutorial.

"In this video-based tutorial, new users can learn how to operate a Lawo mc²56 console. And as the workflows of all Lawo mc² consoles are very similar, this course will also help operators to work with any mc²36, mc²66 or mc²96 console," said Christian Struck, Senior Product Manager Audio Production at Lawo.

The course is structured into six chapters, with the course taking about 3-4 hours to complete.

Participants can interrupt their lessons at any time and continue at a later stage. To enhance the learning experience, every chapter is followed by a short test. At the end of the mc² Audio Console Tutorial, participants can pass an exam and get a certificate.

Interested audio professionals can access the Lawo Online Academy via or via the Lawo homepage.

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