REV Series 145W Recessed Downlight

REV Series 145W Recessed Downlight delivers up to 12500 lumens with a variety of ultra smooth dimming options, 0-10V and flicker-free DMX (optimized for digital video recordings). It delivers high lumen output with low energy consumption. Ideal for high ceiling 18-100' applications such as churches, theaters, auditoriums.

The REVolutionary recessed downlight - REV Series delivers 12,500 lumens at 145 watts, which outperforms other LED downlights on the market in lumen output, dimming options, and energy savings. The REV Series is a versatile fixture ideal for high ceiling (18-100’) applications such as churches, theaters, auditoriums and airports.  The REV Series is one of the few recessed downlights on the market to offer ultra smooth dimming options in 0-10V and flicker-free DMX. METEOR delivers ultra smooth dimming with 0-10V down to 1% and DMX down to 0.4% making lighting transitions more seamless for church services. Furthermore, the DMX is optimized for digital video recordings, ensuring live stream broadcasts are flicker free (compared with traditional light sources).  REV Series is available in 3 wattages: 95W, 125W, 145W. Color temperature ranges from 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, to 4000K. Reflector has been treated with matte diffuse anodized finish. Beam angle options include 20, 35, 50.

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