6 Powerful Furniture Trends for Church Community Spaces

Charging capabilities in today's seating is a trend which resonates with all generations.Take a look at these options that feature functionality which takes furniture to the next level.

Churches are quickly realizing the importance of social spaces, places where people can meet and talk with others both on Sunday mornings, and even at other times throughout the week.

A new trend appearing in churches is one which uses these social spaces as workstations during the week, allowing attendees to come in and get work done in a different setting then they usually would.

View 6 Powerful Furnishing Trends for Community Spaces

If your church has a cafe or social space that only gets used on Sundays, perhaps opening it up for even one extra day or night a week could attract people to the area to socialize, do work, and form better relationships. To better equip this trend, new modern seating is necessary which supports charging devices at these stations without looking for a couple distant wall plugs. Seating with this technology is available in anything from couches, to theater seats, and is also commonly available in cafe tables, giving your desired setup flexibility in what types of seating you use. If you are planning on expanding soon, its worth considering the potential that this trend offers, and if you have existing social spaces without this new type of seating, its worth considering as well as an investment for the future.

Take a look through the slideshow and see some examples of both the many types of seating and other furniture with charging capability, as well as some creative spots where this furniture can be used for maximum effect.

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