2017 New Product

The Worship Facilities New Product Awards recognizes new technology products for the church market.

View 2017 New Product Winners.

Audio Products - Digital Mixing Console 1001 And Above
Yamaha PM10 V1.5 CS-R10-S Digital Audio Console, Compact Control Surface
The new Yamaha PM10 Digital Audio Console CS-R10-S features all the same high-end features engineers have come to enjoy on the landmark PM10 system.The compact control surface is approximately two-thirds the size of the existing control surface, and offers the same outstanding operability for applications where space is a consideration.

Audio Products - In-Ear Monitoring System
OTOjOY LoopBuds
OTOjOY LoopBuds allow anyone with a smartphone to stream the audio signal from a hearing loop assistive listening system directly to their own devices. LoopBuds can be used to listen to music, make phone calls, or pick up the sound from any hearing loop system worldwide.

Audio Products - Large-Format Loudspeaker
NEXO GEO M10 Line Array
The new high-output NEXO GEO M10 sound reinforcement system has been developed for long-throw theater and live music applications and draws on structural and acoustic innovations first released in the groundbreaking NEXO STM Series modular line array, particularly the STM M28. M10 can be flown or ground-stacked, with or without the MSUB15.

Audio Products - Other Audio Product
Arria.Live Audio System
Arria.Live is the world’s first fully digital pro audio system. Its revolutionary new design eliminates the central mixer resulting in a sound system that is simple for volunteers to set-up and operate, components that are small and lightweight, and unprecedented scalability from 1 to 32 input channels across 32 separate mixes.

Audio Products - Other Audio Product
AX MARK Color Coding Sleeve System
The new AX MARK Color Coding Sleeve System for use on “AX" XLR connectors, has been designed to provide options for customizing your cabling systems with unique identifiers. With 10 colors available, these sleeves feature an ample, flat marking surface for printing channel ID, cable length, or even custom logos.

Audio Products - Other Audio Product
New Product Awards 2017 - Audio: Bolero Wireless Intercom System
Bolero is a full-roaming, license-free, 1.9GHz, DECT-based intercom. Bolero’s robust features that can be applied three ways: a wireless beltpack, a wireless keypanel, and a two-way radio. Several new technologies power Bolero’s capabilities including an Advanced DECT Receiver for superior multipath performance and near-field communications for “Touch&Go” beltback registration.

Audio Products - Small-Format Loudspeaker
LINA Very Compact Linear Line Array Loudspeaker
Meyer Sound’s LINA very compact line array loudspeaker and companion 750-LFC low frequency control element bring the linear performance and high power-to-size ration of LEO Family technology to a wider range of small and portable church applications. Flexible rigging options enable allow fast deployment in flown, ground-stacked or pole-mount configurations.

Audio Products - Small-Format Loudspeaker
The new Syva colinear system combines the benefits of L-Acoustics line source technology with a plug-and-play approach. Its sleek design is tailor-made for projects that demand elegance and discretion. Exceptional throw and extra-wide directivity pattern provide consistent, strong SPL (up to 142 dB) over a wide, long surface.

Audio Products - Small-Format Loudspeaker
The TQ8 is a light weight highly portable 150-watts wireless PA system with wireless mic options, built-in Bluetooth and carrying handle. May be AC powered or operated from its internal battery for up to 24 hours of continuous use. A standard pole socket allows stand mounting for larger groups.

Audio Products - Wireless Microphone System
Performance Series Wireless
The Audix Performance Series delivers the ease of setup and pure, accurate sound you’ve been waiting for in a wireless microphone system. Professional, durable and versatile, the Performance Series offers multiple configurations for handheld, lavalier, headworn and instrument microphones that operate within the approved 522 MHz - 586 MHz range. The Performance Series provides quality and feature options at a price point that is unmatched in the market today.

Audio Products - Wireless Microphone System
Shure GlX-D Advanced
GLX-D Advanced Digital Wireless from Shure utilizes the most innovative wireless audio technology in the world. The GLX-D Advanced suite automatically scans, coordinates, deploys and updates wireless receivers and transmitters during setup and use. Now you can focus on your message, lesson or performance—not the technology delivering it.

Building Material Products - Seating
Impressions 7025 VX
America’s Best-loved church chair, the Impressions 7025, just got better! Bertolini Inc., the USA’s premier church chair manufacturer, has done it again with the redesigned 7025VX. It features our incredibly comfortable Ergo-V back produced using polymer injection; the comfortable feel is so popular that we literally worn the tool out after nearly 3 million chairs. We embraced this opportunity to bring some great new features to America's Best-loved church chair.

Building Material Products - Seating
Worship spaces are often multifunctional, requiring the seating to be flexible. Chairs are perfect for varied and casual groupings, while a sense of dedicated permanence better serves more formal gatherings. Such was the calling answered by SanctuaryBASICS LLC with their new Pew/CHAIR Series 1800 line. Chairs vs pews – no longer a dilemma.

Building Material Products - Staging product
ATOMIC’s new product line, the un-panels, create a funky, 3D look by connecting one un-panel with a second rotated un-panel, then snapping in a flexible, frosted insert with the patented SuperLever connectors. The un-panels can be built into backdrops, walls or columns for any space within your church building.

Building System Products - Access Control Systems
CyberKey Blue 2

Building System Products - Access Control Systems
ValidiKey 2 Vault

Building System Products - Building Automation Product or System
Networkable Power Automation Control (NPAC)
LynTec’s Networkable Power Automation Control (NPAC) is a complete, ready-to-install power protection, control, and audio sequencing solution in a single 2RU unit that manages up to 80 amps. It’s the only pre-terminated solution of its kind to sequence digital audio systems in easy-to-program step rates for proper component boot-up.

Lighting Products - LED Fixture 1 - 1250 Dollars
110W Cylinder Mini Series Downlight
Cylinder Mini integrates industry-leading technologies with clean contemporary aesthetics. Ideal for wide variety of high ceiling applications ranging from atriums, auditoriums, corridors, and lobbies in worship facilities. Proprietary flicker-free dimming driver delivers optimal capability during live recording and broadcasting with upgraded 16 bit fading resolution and ultra-smooth dimming to 0.4% dimmable rate.

Lighting Products - LED Fixture 1 - 1250 Dollars
High Lumen RGBW Pendant
High lumen RGBW levels can be mixed, so any correlated color temperature throughout the black body curve is produced. The pendant was esigned using the best available reflectors, optics, and LED chips. It is optimized with LumaStream’s own power supply. Fully controllable, rich color, and powerful white light empowers end users to incorporate emotion into the industry’s best quality light to create scenes ranging from subtle ambiance to dramatic effect.

Lighting Products - LED Fixture 1 - 1250 Dollars
Ovation B-565FC
Ovation B-565FC LED batten delivers a new level of color washing for churches. Featuring an RGBA-Lime color mixing system, it produces richer colors and brighter whites. An included holographic filter locks in place. Adjustable Pulse Width Modulation avoids flickering for video services. Control options include RDM, Art-Net™ and sACN plus standard DMX.

Lighting Products - LED Fixture 1251 Dollars and above
Chroma-Q® Inspire XT™
Making its debut is the eagerly anticipated Chroma-Q® Inspire XT™. The Inspire XT's range of beautiful whites, soft pastels and bold saturates provides for maximum creativity. Its ability to transform a space and engage an audience while shaping an environment makes it perfect for Houses of Worship. Booth #307

Lighting Products - LED video display
Acclaim 2.5 Fixed Indoor LED
Acclaim 2.5 Fixed Indoor LED offers not only a bezel-free solution, but comes in a 27.5” panel size enabling installers to create a 55” diagonal area. The size allows end users to work in a standard 16:9 aspect ratio creating pixel to pixel HD and 4K solutions.

Lighting Products - LED video display
ROE BP2, a new member in the Black Pearl family, is 2.8mm pixel pitch, making the product perfect for 4K & Ultra HD applications where the very highest resolution is required. The mechanical design enables fast & simple installation for both hanging & stacking applications especially for church areas.

Lighting Products - LED video display
The ROE CB3 is 3.75mm pixel pitch, lightweight LED screen perfect for indoor applications. Featuring Carbon Fiber frame, intelligent modules, magnet assisted assembly, and fast locking, CB saves time on transportation and rigging. It is the indispensable when you want to deliver rich and dynamic displays for church market.

Lighting Products - Lighting Accessory
SNAP is a plastic, single molded, highly flexible tool that attaches in seconds to any standard 2 inch truss, and uses a side holder to maintain order in your cables. A locking connector ensures that cables don’t fall out of place, yet can still be opened or closed with a single hand.

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