10 Key Tasks for Church Administration

Once the Christmas services are over and the decorations are put back into storage, it’s time to prepare for a new year.

Deborah Ike  ·  December 15, 2016

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Once the Christmas services are over and the decorations are put back into storage, it’s time to prepare for a new year. 

January is when most church business administrators focus on sending out tax donation receipts.  However, a new year is also a great time to refresh a few administrative areas. 

Here are several ideas for making the administrative aspect of your church run even more effectively this year:

#1 – Clean up the church database

Since you need to send out donation receipts soon anyway, the start of a new year is a good time to make sure you have accurate addresses and other data within your church database.  Consider sending an email to everyone who’s donated within the last year asking them to confirm their mailing address.  Recruit a few administrative volunteers to sort through the replies and update the database accordingly. 

If your church management software is setup to allow members to log into and update their own profile data, that will make life even easier.  Simply send them an email asking them to update their mailing address and other profile information.  Using the motivator of making sure they get their tax donation receipt on-time makes January a perfect time for this exercise.

#2 – Update the church calendar

If your church doesn’t have a central calendar of all events and services, this is a great time to create one.  If you do, then it’s simply a matter of making sure it’s current. 

Phill Martin with The Church Network, an association for those working in the administrative aspects of the church, recommends reviewing the church calendar with your church’s vision and values in-mind.  “Consider whether your church leadership has a strategy in-place and if so, is what we’re working on supporting that strategy?”

Check with each ministry leader to get a list of events and dates for each.  Put those on the calendar along with regular services.  Also, make sure you include any weddings scheduled on the calendar.  Talk with the person over facilities about any schedule maintenance he has coming up (if you’re having the roof repaired, you probably don’t want any big events happening at the church during that time so putting those instances on the calendar is helpful). 

A central calendar helps keep the entire team on the same page and can prevent confusion down the road.

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Deborah Ike
Deborah Ike (formerly Wipf) is the President & Founder of Velocity Ministry Management; a company dedicated to vision implementation for church leaders. Over the last ten years, Deborah worked in the corporate arena to discover how to leverage business principles for ministry vision. She worked for Deloitte Consulting in their Strategy & Operations group and most recently, for Williams, as a project manager and risk manager. Deborah has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems along with the Project Management Professional (PMP) credential from the Project Management Institute. She’s the author of The Volunteer Management Toolkit (Church Edition) and you can find her articles on sites such as Pastors.com, XPastor.org, WorshipFacilities.com, and via The Church Network.
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