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What’s Seating Got to Do with Church Engagement?

Seating selections can have a tremendous impact on how we learn, engage and share our knowledge with others.

Amanda Opdycke  ·  February 20, 2018

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Surprisingly, seating can have a tremendous impact on how we learn, engage and share our knowledge with others. From the worship message in the sanctuary to youth groups working on a project, the seating and environment is influential in the outcome.

Space for Gathering  

Common areas are subject to a heavy amount of traffic due to the transformation of traditional church foyers to an integrated hub for the rest of the church. We meet in the common area to chat before Sunday service, share a cup of coffee in fellowship, or work on small group projects together. How can an engaging space be achieved with the use of seating?

Modern and Modular

One solution is modular seating. This style of seating lends itself fluidly to common areas outside the sanctuary. Modular furniture is completely configurable for a variety of spaces and can be used individually, or can create sectional groupings. The more seat¬ing options within the family of products, the more inventive the interior team can be as they create an environment that encourages regular church attenders — and those new to the church — to fellowship with each other. As interior teams begin to explore their seating options, considering modular seating, including individual chairs, love¬seats, sofas, integrated tables and ottomans, which can be joined together to create any design imaginable.

Additional features such as power and data sources, fabric options, interchangeable arms, foot, leg and bases, as well as mid and high back styles will enhance the common area’s ability to function in a positive way for church members, youth groups and children.  Because modular furniture is usually found in the high traffic common areas of the church, it is paramount the furniture is very durable and exceed industry construction standards. This does not mean plush, comfortable seating is not possible. Manufacturers who specialize in a variety of seating models have the ability to provide high quality, durable, well designed furniture while achieving optimum comfort. 

While the cost of high quality modular seating may be more than expected, the result is worth the investment because of the additional benefits it offers. Well manufactured modular seating includes additional protection such as moisture barrier, which will help eliminate the risk of stains from soda or coffee drinks. High quality modular seating should also be renewable.

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