What A Church Communicator Needs to Know Before Accepting a Job

Let’s be clear, employment transitions are complicated and have the potential for concern. Here are 5 great questions to anticipate from a quality Church Communicator.

Mark MacDonald  ·  May 15, 2018

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This creates a foundation of expectations. Many Comms get overwhelmed quickly — especially in the transitional time. They need help.

3. What’s the biggest issue you’d like me to solve my first year?
Be honest. Everyone hires to solve an issue. Start a dialogue about this concern; clearly state your expectation of the “win”.

4. Will I have a clearly defined budget to direct as needed?
As important as how many people are on the Comm team, they need a budget to accomplish expectations. Don’t surprise them with a low number after they’re on staff. Even worse? Require them to ask for every purchase.

5. Do you mind me calling a recent hire?
Ministry culture and transitional environment is usually perceived differently by leadership. The last hire will answer questions closer to the truth. You don’t want to hire someone who won’t be happy at your church. Your Comm doesn’t want to be blindsided by odd culture either. Better yet? Let them transparently talk with their future team during the hiring process. Both sides will win from this — and you’ll look like a hero if you suggest it.

Final thoughts: Please put everything in writing. It’ll give you something to hold your Comm accountable to and give them something to refer to for expectations. Neither want a bait and switch; so be upfront and honest. This is the start of a special ministry relationship. Pray for the transition

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