WeAreWorship Conference Unveiled at WFX Conference & Expo 2017

Join us for the first ever, "WeAreWorship Conference," at WFX Conference and Expo 2017, October 10 - 12 in Dallas, Texas.

WFM Staff  ·  August 23, 2017

Join us for the first ever, “WeAreWorship Conference,” at WFX Conference and Expo 2017, October 10 - 12 in Dallas, Texas.

Worship Team Training will be provided by Integrity Music Artists:

  • Come for a time of renewal and build community with some of the Church’s most prolific worship leaders and songwriters.
  • Be refreshed and rediscover your passion and calling as trusted leaders pour into your ministry.
  • Learn and develop practical skills alongside instructors like Paul Baloche, Michael Farren, Alisa Turner, and Travis Ryan.

Register 3 team members and the 4th attends for FREE. Pricing information here.


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