Vintage Church Lighting Redesign with Punch of Full Color

The latest house of worship to discover the transformative powers of color-changing LEDs on and off of the stage.

WFM Staff  ·  January 3, 2017

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With black walls, a black ceiling and a black curtain, Vintage Church’s worship space was extremely dark and having dark spots in the room was Company De Roth’s biggest concern, according to Jonathan. “Probably the most important feature for us of the Colour Pendants was the beam spread,” he says of the fixture’s 41° beam angle. “We had ZERO dark spots with this fixture. When you bring up a color the room glows that color, which is really saying a lot for as dark as that space is.”

Installed in August, the new LEDs have the versatility to be used as primary white lights for the main worship space or as full-color immersive wash lights when required. This allows them to be used for services on Sunday mornings, which is their primary purpose at Vintage, or for any type of church activity from special seasonal events and youth conferences to Fourth of July concerts and Christmas specials.

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