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Two Prong Approach to Church Security

Two important elements of securing the people and property of your church are video surveillance and access control.

Martin Sinderman  ·  November 12, 2017

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One way churches can address this challenge is to move from traditional mechanical key systems to electronic “smart-key” solutions, such as CyberLock Electronic Access Control Systems from Corvallis, Oregon-based CyberLock Inc.

Implementing a smart-key solution starts with replacing a conventional lock with a CyberLock cylinder, which is basically an electronic version of its mechanical counterpart, according to John Moa, director of sales at CyberLock. “You simply pull the mechanical core of the existing lock out and put our Cyber- Lock cylinder in,” he explains.

Meanwhile, accompanying CyberKey smart keys are programmed for each lock; from there, when a CyberKey meets a CyberLock, the cylinder is energized, and an information exchange occurs between the two to determine if the key has access to that specific lock cylinder. If it does, the lock will open, with both the lock and key recording all associated events, including accesses granted and any unauthorized access attempts.

This is an easy, affordable retrofit that is ideal for churches, Moa notes. From a cost standpoint, “You’re talking about an unobtrusive, simple install for which you are looking at maybe $200 per door,” he notes, compared with hard-wired systems that can typically run anywhere from $1,800 to $3,000 per door. In addition to affordability, a couple of other qualities make this product particularly well-suited for the worship facility, according to Moa.

“The big issue we hear about from houses of worship is key control,” Moa says. With CyberLock, “You can program what specific keys work where and for how long – and if you lose one, you simply turn it off.” CyberLock access control systems can be installed gradually. “You can start with just one room, and build from there, learning the system and growing as needed,” says Moa.

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