Three Needed Technologies for Church Facilities

Our author finds products that can offer a better way to make your church more secure, comfortable, and economical to operate.

Martin Sinderman  ·  February 2, 2017

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A brand-new year is upon us.  Right about now lots of church facilities managers are figuring out how to make good on those New Year’s resolutions, to find better ways to make their physical plants more secure, comfortable, and economical to operate.

Below is just a sampling of products and services that will help you do just that.  No doubt there will be more to follow in the year to come – here’s a good places to start looking.

Cut Those Energy Bills
It takes a lot of money to pay for the energy necessary to heat, cool and light a church facility, not to mention power for AV equipment and other technologies used to effectively communicate its message to their congregation.

Churches that are interested in exploring energy cost savings – as well as becoming better stewards of the environment in the process – can get in touch with CollectiveSun, a San Diego, California-based company that exclusively helps churches and other nonprofits “go solar” by helping them finance sustainable solar power projects.

CollectiveSun connects impact investors – i.e., investors who invest in cause-related opportunities – with churches who need to raise the funds to develop these projects.  Working on behalf of churches, CollectiveSun raises money through crowdfunding campaigns; funds the project and acts as engineering advisor to installers hired by the churches; and, through a “power purchase agreement,” sells solar-generated power to the church at a discounted rate for 20 years, during which time the company also handles necessary services including monitoring, operations, maintenance and repairs.

The energy savings generated by solar are considerable, with Todd Bluechel, vice president of marketing and sales for CollectiveSun, citing reductions in church energy bills of from 50 percent to 97 percent.

“At the end of the day churches need to not only be good stewards of the earth, but they need to be fiscally responsible, so any solar system needs to ‘pencil out,’” says Bluechel. 

Many times solar power can afford a church the ability to be a good steward of God’s resources and reduce their own annual energy costs.

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