Three Digital Signage Trends in 2018 for Houses of Worship

From announcements to sermons — from concerts to community events, digital signage is giving houses of worship new ways to connect to their congregations.

Richard Ventura  ·  April 2, 2018

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The technique of projection mapping, which turns all the surfaces of a space into an immersive multimedia show, has come a long way in the past few years. Once reserved for sports events and other big-budget spectacles, projection-mapped light shows are now easier and more affordable than ever, and houses of worship around the world are tapping into their power.

In 2012, Spanish artists used projection mapping to display beautiful visuals across the exterior surfaces of Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia cathedral. More recently, a Norwegian team transformed the interior of Svelvik Church into a spectacular digital canvas. And in at Elevation Church in North Carolina, animators use a single projector to deliver high-impact multimedia sermons.

And these stunning animations don’t require elaborate equipment or huge digital screens, either. With some plain white walls and a few projectors, your projection map¬ping contractor can turn your sanctuary into a canvas for transformative worship services, theater events and special performances.


When you’re ready to turn your sanctuary into a projection mapping space, it’ll help to follow these basic guidelines to make the process as smoothly and simply as possible:
Understand your audience, space and goals. Start with a clear sense of what kinds of messages you want to convey and who’ll be receiving them.

Choose a platform that’s simple to in¬stall and versatile enough to expand and adapt as your space and congregation grow.

Make sure to use consistent branding and messaging throughout your entire site, to create a consistent experience for your visitors.

If displays in different areas show their own messaging, make sure to leave space on those screens for site-wide messages (this is known as “zoning” the screens).
Follow these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to delivering fully immersive multimedia experiences for your congregation. In fact, once you’ve made the initial investment, the costs of creating further presentations are typically minimal — and week after week, you’ll draw larger crowds of fascinated worshipers who can’t wait to see your new presentations.

Richard Ventura is vice president of strategy for NEC Display Solutions ( He can be reached at rventura@

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