The 1 Article You Need For A Great Church Website

You can have a great church website. There are 5 simple rules you must follow.

Mark MacDonald  ·  January 5, 2017

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Is it possible to have a great church website? A quick google search can typically reveal some terrible websites. Does that mean they’re terrible churches? Probably not. Fortunately there are good websites that accurately represent the ministry quality of local churches.

Are you looking to create an effective website for your faith institution? Or, are you seeking ways to improve upon an existing one? Then here are 5 rules you need to follow.

1.  Know who you are before you start communicating.

To be known for something relevant in your community you need to know your thread which is a unifying brand concept.
If you communicate a plethora of ideas, benefits and ministries, you’ll never be heard through all the noise. Most will simply see you as a “church”; a group of religious people that talk to themselves as a private club.

The sad truth? About a third of your community probably has no idea why the church would be relevant in their lives. Stop promoting yourself like a typical church and start presenting yourself in such a way that you have unexpected benefits for a world seeking solutions.

Don’t be tempted to copy the big church that gets all the attention “because they’re growing”. Remember God placed you in a unique community to share the Gospel in a unique way so that everyone around you will understand that the Gospel IS the solution for whatever they’re experiencing.

The Church needs to stand out for something. You need a theme, a thread, that your community and congregation is looking for. A concept that every ministry in your church wants to associate with. And when your community looks for it, they’ll discover you. Once they look up from their busy world, you can gently make the messaging turn to Jesus and the Gospel.

Jesus demonstrated this (without a website of course). He traveled to the well and sat down, waiting for someone with a need. He knew that the immediate area would draw people who were thirsty. Instead of immediately engaging the woman who came about her spiritual issues, He started a conversation around her temporal need.

Then, once she engaged with Him, He made the turn to the spiritual by connecting the temporal to the eternal. Imagine a thirsty person looking for a drink being told she could have something that would quench her thirst eternally. Yes!

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Mark MacDonald
Is a Bible teacher, speaker, writer, and communication strategist for He empowers churches to become known for something relevant (a communication thread) throughout their ministries, websites, and social media.
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By ChrisWalker on March 17, 2017

I have also faced this situation when I am moving to new places. In that situation, I am always read essay on time review to know nearest churches in the location. This article really helps me to how to find the great church website.

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