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SERIES8 CO-8WD Headset Microphone

The SERIES8 CO-8WD microphone offers a unique combination of durable design and high-performance sound.

WFM Staff  ·  August 1, 2014

MSRP $449

The SERIES8 CO-8WD microphone offers a unique combination of durable design and high-performance sound. The omnidirectional headset microphone features Point Source Audio’s “Unbreakable Boom,” with bendable 360-degree functionality and a performance boost to 148dB max SPL, IP57 waterproof design and “X-Connectors” for easy integration with popular wireless systems.

Product user and Point Source Audio customer Kevin Sanchez says the Series CO-8WD headset microphone is one of the best on market. Tasked by the leadership of the Plano, Texas-based multi-site church Chase Oaks to find a durable headset with excellent sound, Sanchez was happy to have discovered the Series CO-8WD.

At the beginning of his search, Sanchez found very few existing products that seemed durable enough. “I felt the only option was to set aside funds every several months for a new one or for repairs,” he says. “I was online and saw an ad for Point Source Audio. On its homepage, it listed miniature microphones with a 360-degree bendable boom that was also waterproof.”

Sanchez thought it sounded great. So, he proceeded to inquire about the product via the Point Source Audio website’s live chat feature. “The [CO-8WD] headset met all my requirements — durable, with decent response graph and interchangeable connectors. So, I told the representative I would like to get a demo.”

Point Source Audio sent Sanchez a demo headset. The first thing Sanchez did was to give the bendable boom a good workout. It did not break. Then, he put the headset to the comfort test. “I wore it for 30 minutes,” he says. “It felt good, with no squeezing of my head. I felt that it was comfortable enough for leadership.”

The final test for Sanchez was the audio test. “I turned off all my EQ, compression and plugins on the channel. I wanted to hear what it would sound flat through our system. I was shocked at how much gain I could get before feedback and the clarity the headset had,” Sanchez reports. “We had service that night. So, I decided to put it on the speaker. I was blown away by how little EQ that I needed to make the person sound natural.”

Being a multi-site church, Sanchez knew he would need to procure at least one for each campus. “I didn’t want to waste the church’s money if another headset we already owned worked or was satisfying enough,” he says. “So, we decided to do a blind headset shootout, with all the main manufacturers used in the church world. I spoke into each microphone and had a couple people listen in. The Point Source [CO-8WD headset mic] was picked anonymously. Everyone that has used it loves it.”


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